Tuscano's offers professional liability insurance to constables and deputy constables. Every constable and deputy constable in the state of Pennsylvania must file with the clerk of courts proof that he has a policy of professional liability insurance covering each individual in the performance of his judicial duties. Our program provides both Professional and General Liability coverage for eligible risks. See also Business Auto: Constable & Prisoner Transport

See also: Constables & Prisoner Transport

Available in: PA

Line of Business: General Liability

Target Risks

  • Elected and appointed constables
  • Deputy constables


  • Liability limits up to $300,000/$600,000
  • Professional/E&O coverage included
  • General Liability coverage for transportation of prisoners
  • Coverage available for property entrusted
  • Firearms coverage with proper proof of PA-Act 44 firearms certification
  • $0 deductible
  • Proof of current PA ACT 44 certification required
  • Business auto coverage is available

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