Tuscano has an ‘A’ Rated specialty market to write Work Comp for Truckers. This market is only available for Pennsylvania risks at this time.

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Available in: PA

Line of Business: Workers' Comp

Target Risks

  • Acceptable classes:
    • 811 Trucking Not Otherwise Classified
    • 808 Parcel Delivery
    • 809 Fuel Delivery
    • 812 Mail Delivery
    • 805 Milk Hauling
  • Companies must have 3 years in business with Workers Compensation
  • Will consider new ventures with management experience in certain cases
  • Will consider Experience Mods between 0.70 and 1.45
  • Will write sand and gravel haulers
  • No coal haulers, moving & storage, or logging


  • Send submissions to and include:
    • ACORD 130S (Workers Compensation application)
    • Truckers WC Supplemental Application – Midwestern Insurance Alliance
    • Currently valued loss runs (within 90 days) for five policy periods
    • NCCI experience rating worksheet
    • Premium & Payrolls for the past three years
  • Minimum Premium $2500
  • All Direct Bill
  • No pre or post inspection for premium under $25K

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Call 866-442-8063 then dial underwriter's extension.