Inland Marine

Tuscano's offers a wide variety of companies who write inland marine policies. Coverage is available for a wide variety of commercial risks. Inland Marine is a property based coverage designed to provide insurance protection on property that is in transit and/or portable in nature. Numerous categories of seemingly unrelated property risks may be eligible for inland marine coverage. The characteristics that make property eligible is the element of portability.

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Line of Business: Inland Marine

Target Risks

  • Installation coverage for contractors
  • Contractors tools and equipment
  • Computer & electronic equipment coverage
  • Communications equipment (such as radio/tv towers; transmitting & studio equipment; mobile equipment)
  • Medical diagnostic equipment - mobile or stationary, including in transit
  • Scientific instruments coverage
  • Exhibition coverage (includes in transit & at show)
  • Dealers coverage (for fine art/antique dealers, equipment dealers, etc)
  • Commercial fine arts
  • Other miscellaneous property coverage such as sports equipment, band uniforms, tents


  • Low minimum premiums
  • All Risk - named perils
  • Admitted carriers available
  • Risks under $100 K TIV are handled by our SBU team; over $100 K TIV handled by our Package/Property underwriters.

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